March 2016. Art Residence Auvergne, France.

Into the Wild’ is a 7-day project in le Foret De Tronçais, Auvergne, France.
The most significant part of the project is in the forest, in
the historical countryside of Tronçais, the largest oak-forest of Western-
Europe. Now a days known for his hunting culture.
Apart from the forest you find the historical factory where the metallization of the Eiffel-tower took place.
The project was to make a work inside the abandoned factory. But when we arrive the factory was recently close without any prior advise. The town hall had a planning to overthow the historical building and together with this the history of the village.
The work you see is a hunting day after the smokestack of the factory. A 56,66kg pipe. Heavier than the biggest fish in the village. The picture is hanging together with other important trophy.  Permanent intervention in Tronçais.

Los cazadores

Mi trofeo¿Cuantos klg_

El barLas fotos de trofeos

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